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Billie Paul Piper was born in Swindon, England, on September 22, 1982. He has a brother, Charlie, and two sisters, Harley and Ellie. Billie always knew I wanted to work in show business. The ambitious Billie enrolled in the Sixth Sense theater company in 1990, which allowed him to gain experience as an actress in several television commercials and an episode of "The EastEnders". After a year at your local high school, was accepted into the Sylvia Young Theater School in London. 
While attending this prestigious school, Billie's busy schedule forced her to continue her education with a private tutor. This busy schedule was the result of Billie was selected as spokesman for the British music magazine Smash Hits. The scouts of the Virgin Records subsidiary, Innocent Records, noticed her in 1998, signing a contract with the label immediately. Billie's first single, "Because We Want To", was released in the same year and took this solo from 15 years to become the first artist to debut with a number one on the British chart.
With the help of his next single "Girlfriend" (which also entered the charts with the number 1), and the release of their debut album "The B Honeyy to" Billie deservedly earned the title "Princess of Pop" and " best female pop star "in the annual survey of the magazine Smash Hits. In May 2000, two years more mature and more experiente, Billie made ​​her anticipated return to the charts with the release of the single "Day and Night". On his second album "Walk of Life", Billie had the help of producer Elliot Kennedy (who has worked with stars such as Celine Dion and the Spice Girls to achieve the same success as the first album. But as his first album was a success so great, Walk of Life was considered only moderately successful.

Although Billie was out of scene for 2 years, has been busy personally and professionally. He was seriously involved with one of the members of the British band 4ive, Richie Neville , and had to cancel some projects and performances due to health problems. As for her blossoming career, has added several performances to her credit. Billie made ​​appearances in television series "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" and "Young Entertainers" (as herself) in 1999, and appeared in "Music Chronicles" in 2000.

After appearing in small roles in films like "The Leading Man" and "Evita" in 1996, Billie hosted the television production "Billie Wants You! "in 1999. Billie has to Madonna and Janet Jackson as her heroines. His short career is amazing, because it had 4 singles on top of the charts, and contributed to the soundtrack of Pekémon. Although you performed any tour by the United States, touching even the president Bill Clinton, Billie still unable to penetrate the U.S. market force. But when it does, the princess will become the absolute queen of pop.

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