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Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou was born on August 9, 1978 in Beaumont, France, but grew up in Montlucon. His father is a doctor and his mother a teacher. As a child he loved the apes and their dream was to become a primatologist,

however he went to Paris to enroll at the Cours Florent drama school. Parallel to that studied French literature. Dreamer, shy, loves his quiet, loves to sleep.

Began acting on television and debuted 21 years in film, after a casting made ​​by Tonie Marshall, to star in his film "Venus Beauty" in 1999, through which won the César Award for Best Actress. 

Following year, he appeared in several films that caught the attention of critics and the general public alike: Voyous Voyelle (2000), Happenstance (2000), God is great, I'm not (2001), Pot Luck (L'auberge espagnole) (2001), He loves me, He loves me not and Happy End.

But the film that made ​​her an international star is 2001: the fable Romantic Amelie Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The film was a huge international success, and Tautou was nominated for Best Actress César, which at the time the film nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Foreign Film. He recently played her first role in English for Stephen Frears' Dirty Pretty Things (2002), and starred and sung in the musical by Alain Resnais In the mouth is not (2003).

From 23 years and provincial as well as the role that gave him fame, Audrey Tautou has happened to many to be simply Amélie Poulain. Now you can spare job and his young age, is considered an example of the new generation of actors, who are willing to take the role of their predecessors.

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