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Cute blonde that loves eating ass

I got a hold of Trent Saluri, your typical dude. The kind of dude you’d see at a record store, looking for the lastet release of his favorite metal band. I decided to team him up with Amber Wild, who has definately earned her name. Then, we gave her a mission – clean Trent’s bottom. With your tounge. And do it well. Her response? Well, you guessed it. She dropped on her knees, stuck her tounge out…and Trent backed his rear end right up to her mouth. And she ate. Licked it good. Lapped it up. The end of his shit pipe got a good scrubbing alright…and after she worked it clean, she got her ultimate reward: a giant dollop of man goo right to the kisser. No better way to end a movie, is there?

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