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Jolean is gonna take our man!

Jolean is petite in terms of height and weight but she has the stacked ass of a much bigger girl. Her firm natural titties and soft wet lips make her a perfect chick to kiss and cuddle but it’s that squeezable ass of hers that will have you harder than granite as she climbs into your lap and presses her hips forward dry-humping your cock! She loves it when you get behind her and reach deep into her snatch with three fingers – feel the way her insides quiver as you slap her ass and watch her smile! Fucking her is pure pleasure all the joys of nailing a petite blonde without the discomfort of a bony ass banging down on your ballbag. A big bottom petite like Jolean lets you go full speed when you fuck like her body was a pinball machine and you’re only interested in using it to achieve a new high score! Careful when you cum she loves the taste but she’s also quite a drooler so it’s good to finish her off with enough time to be sure she cleans up before you send her home!A big bottom petite like Jolean loves fucking as fast and deep as you can go- Relentless

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