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Stuff My Butt

Hi Boys and Girls! You know what time it is…and where you’re at! And this week I think you’ll really enjoy the update. See, I get my tight white ass reamed by a new niggah named Lefty. He’s about 9 inches, so it was really hard to stuff it in my butt, but I did. And whew, did it hurt! Before he drove up the hershey highway, he fucked me *really* hard in a few positions, and at one point he gets really agressive and almost choked me out! And the size of his nutt was unreal…I mean it was almost like he popped twice! And it’s funny, cause black seed knows where the pussy is, cause his ran right down my tummy and I swear it was like the spermies where running to my pussy! ; – )….needless to say, it was a blast! A big blast…of cum! Yum Yum! So, until next week, tah-tah! XOXOXO – Spring!

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