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Bleach blonde ass eating babe

Sindy Lange is one hot blonde porn slut. She’s been in the business about two years and according to her, she’s “pretty much done it all”- that is, except for one little doozie: EATING ASS!! We got Sindy to do her first EVER ass chowdown on camera- she had never eaten bunghole even in her private life. Quite tempting.. we couldn’t resist making it as memorable as possible, so we brought in porno-creep Dirty Harry to make things “interesting” hehehe. Let’s just say this will be one encounter Sindy is not likely to forget. And Sindy is certainly a very dirty girl, for as much as we tried to make it a filthy, nasty ordeal, Sindy was just LOVING it- and at one point we had to tell her not to come, because she didn’t deserve it- and had to EAT MORE ASS. In the end, she got a tongue full of bung and a faceful of nasty creep-jizz. Wonderful!

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