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It used to bother me that I knew what my mother’s ethnicity was (Cantonese Scottish) but I couldn’t be sure about my father’s because he really is mixed. Apparently, Dad has Dutch, French, Portuguese and Chinese blood (and though we don’t know it for sure, maybe some Indonesian due to his Dutch ancestry) So go figure! There’s hardly a point even explaining all this but people always ask anyway so for the record it’s safe to say I’m a pretty mixed up kid! However, our outer appearance is not as important as what we carry within us.

 As An Athelete
I grew up in Singapore and I was quite hyper active as a child so it’s a good thing I was on the running squad in school. At least all that energy could productively go somewhere. I was training 5 times a week. Doing as many sit ups as men in the army even for warm ups! It was pretty hard core being an athelete but it all paid off. I ended up getting national medals in x country and track and field for 3 solid years.

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