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Daphne Iking

Daphne Eleanor Iking (born 1979 in Sabah) is a Malaysian model, television personality and actress. She currently hosts The Breakfast Appearance on ntv7.

Iking already advised advancing a career in anesthetic but her abhorrence of claret warded her off to communications.

Holding a Master's Degree in Communications (2004) and a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting (Film, TV and Radio, 2001), both of which from Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Iking entered the television scene, actualization in a Pond's advertisement in 2001. In 2003, she activated for a job as a announcer in TV3. She auspiciously landed the job to host Ringgit Sense in the approach anon after.

In 2004, she appeared as the host of Explorace for two years. Afterwards that, throughout 2005 she went on to host the PNB World Investment Challenge on TV3, Vector Challenge on 8TV, May/Antabax Health & Beauty Capsules (TV3) and Explorace Kids (TV3). She additionally became the anchorman for the Brand and Majalah Tiga on TV3.

In 2006, she fabricated her acting d├ębut in KL Lights. In the aforementioned year, she additionally co-hosted My Australian Adventure, confined as a travelogue in the show. Later that year, she confused to ntv7 and hosted its Breakfast Show. She additionally appeared as a bedfellow adjudicator on 8TV's What Women Want.

Iking had appeared in assorted magazines, book and television commercials, amid which included for Pond's in 2001, Kenny Rogers Roasters in 2005, and Volvo S80 in 2006.

Iking additionally appeared in assorted magazines, such as KLUE, Eve & Adam, Ezyhealth and FHM. In 2006 she was voted #14 in FHM Malaysia's Sexiest, her best accomplishment in the poll appropriately far afterwards three after appearances.

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