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Ann van Elsen

Ann was a half hour ago to host the first BV in the glass house in Leuven that is drawn by studio brussels in honor of the toner collection to water scarcity in the world to tackle! As we all knew would Ann Van Elsen, for the action with Playboy to Namibia, and
has provided a large sum, to be photographed for Playboy! She came along about her experience in Namibia and also to tell of course the amount thus collected to tell! Her photo shoot yielded as many as 30,000 of which 20,000 euros from 

Playboy, Story 5,000 of which will publish her ​​diary when she was in Namibia and finally a further additional 5,000 I forgot something;)! Beautiful course amount to a charity to donate! 
But that was not in fact Ann auctions for charity is an exclusive gehantekende 70x100cm photo from the photo series! The starting bid on ebay currently amounts to 300 euros and will run 4 days!

The Playboy is down in January, she knew more to tell and she brought along the photo that would be auctioned, with this course the screenshots and the ebay photos!

Thank you Ann for both stills and of course for the obtained amount, your social engagement will enchant you forever!

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