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Paris Hilton takes years to devote all his efforts to try to make one of his greatest dreams: to become an actress.This has moved to live in Los Angeles and does not hesitate to participate in all kinds of castings and be present in all the most important festivals of the city. 

All this helped him to get some presence in the industry and the chance to play some small roles in feature films such as Wonderland but it was not until 2005 when he was able to release his first starring film, The House of Wax.
The House of Wax , whose original title is House of Wax , is a film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (which is the film debut of this publicity director) and produced by the prestigious Joel Whistle. In it, Paris Hilton shares the screen with actors like Elisha Cuthbert, Jared Padalecki, Chad Michael Murray and Jon Dalton. This is a typical teen horror movie that actually is a updated remake of a classic film of horror from the 50.

The plot of this film begins when a group of friends decide to travel by car to attend an important football game and camped for the night. None of them can not even suspect that their lives will be in danger from that time. After having problems at the camp where they want to sleep and a discussion with a truck driver appears one of their cars crushed. Someone offers to help them and lead them to the nearest town, Ambrose.

In this town, the only one for miles around, is a museum which leaves them especially astonished, House of Wax Trudy. Soon the attraction they feel for this place becomes a strong fear of incredibly realistic understanding that their figures are actually killed people. From that moment begins the particular struggle of these friends to come out alive from Ambrose.

The House of Wax is a film that plays with the curiosity, the curiosity aroused Paris Hilton and living situations of the protagonists of the story, 

accentuated because the action takes place on a stage really sinister and sexual and violent content the film. Thousands of young viewers have supported its release and have gotten great results at the box office in countries around the world.

Paris Hilton plays Paige's character in this film, one of the girls in this group of young students. Both fans and detractors,
but for very different reasons, they still highlight two of its key scenes: the striptease and death.For some it is a sample of his talent, for others a reason of his short career.

1981Paris Hilton was born in the United States.
2001Appearance in the film A to mindless fashion.
2003Broadcast on the Internet sex tape One Night in Paris in which it appears having sex with an ex-boyfriend.
2003Participate in various audiovisual productions as Access Hollywood - TV , Cartier Showroom, ET - TV , Hugh Hefner's Midsummer Night's Dream Party , MTV Movie Awards , Scary Movie 3 , Premiere and Teen Choice Awards .
2003It opens in the first edition of FOX TV showThe Simple Life .
2003Participate in the movies The Cat andWonderland .
2004Involved in The OC , Las Vegas , Veronica Mars , The George Lopez Show .
2004Featured on the advertising campaign for Guess.
2004Published memoir Confessions of an heiress .
2004Appears in the movie Raising Helen .
2005Guest host Saturday Night Live .
2005Starring in the horror film House of Wax .
2005Opens the announcement of the hamburger chain Carl's Jr.
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