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I Love Straight-Acting Gay Men!

Is it hard to understand that some of us love gay men who act straight?

These gay men are not pretending to be straight, they are gay men who talk, walk, and behave like what straight guys do, and they work out, take care of their bodies, and they hate to look like effeminate softies out there.

It just happens to be that they prefer men, too, as sex partners, thus the word "homosexual." Homo means "same." I happen to be like these men, and I love my own kind. What is wrong with that?

I accept that there are gay men, too, who prefer straight guys. I have no qualms about that because it is a matter of preference. But do you honestly believe that a straight guy would love or lust for another man? Of course not, that's why they are called "straights." They don't bend, unless they want your money and they will "pretend to be gay and pretend that they enjoy the sex with another man, thus, you can call them gay-for-pay." And during your sex with a real straight guy, if he even gets hard or ejaculates, he must be imagining a girl.

That is why I prefer a straight-acting gay/bi guy than a straight guy, because a straight-acting gay/bi guy can truly enjoy sex with me, who happens to be another straight acting bi guy like him. I want my sex and love to be real!

Now, who is pretending, and who is real?

Just sharing some of my thoughts. Anyhow, the video of the cute boy above and more hot videos will be posted on Monday!

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