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Alyssa Lovelace

I was born in Los Angeles, Ca. the first of my family to be born outside of Barcelona Spain. I was originally raised catholic (catholic school, catholic school girl outfit, mass on sundays, the whole 9 yards) until round about the age 12, when my family decided to become Mormon. So up until just recently I lived a totally religious, celibate life (celibate meaning NO SEX!!!). My father was the bishop of my church and my mother the young woman's president; so this really didn't leave me much room to get into trouble... but trust me I FOUND ways. It wasn't till after I started attending Brigham Young University in Utah that I realized that Mormonism was all wrong for me! I decided that I didn't like people telling me that I couldn't do things and by them saying "NO" "DONT DO THIS" and "YOU CAN"T DO THAT" it only made me want it more!!!! I started to rebel and I guess you could say that my rebellion led me to where I am today (writing a bio on myself, so that all you naughty boys can find out who I am and get-off while doing it). As of now I am residing in the beautiful, bountiful Mojave Desert. Here I race dirt bikes and teach dance classes at a local high school. In the near future I plan on finishing up my schooling and becoming a third grade teacher (every little boys dream, a retired penthouse pet/ hustler honey keeping them after class for a flogging). But for now I am enjoying my modeling career and living life to it's fullest. I'll try anything once... maybe even twice (wink, wink). spontaneity is key and is definitely something I look for in a man, not to mention a great ass, a sense of humor and honesty.

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